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Welcome to HomelessnessMarathon, your resource for all things related to marathons, running, race preparation, and the latest in the running community.

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At HomelessnessMarathon, our mission is to provide runners of all levels with information, tips, and inspiration to help them achieve their personal bests.

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The driving force behind HomelessnessMarathon is Leon Lewis, a seasoned marketing executive with over 15 years of running experience. Leon’s passion for running began as a personal challenge and quickly grew into a disciplined, competitive, and goal-oriented pursuit.

His extensive experience in both the marketing world and the running community uniquely positions him to bring valuable insights and strategies to runners looking to improve their performance and reach new milestones.

What We Offer

Training Tips and Plans: Tailored training plans for runners at every level, from beginners to advanced marathoners, to help you build endurance, speed, and strength.

Race Preparation: Comprehensive guides on how to prepare for your next race, including nutrition advice, mental strategies, and gear recommendations.

Inspiration and Stories: Motivational stories from runners around the globe, sharing their triumphs, challenges, and the joy of running.

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