Why the Long Beach Half Marathon Is a Must-Run Race – Thrill & Pacific Ocean

So, you’re considering running the Long Beach Half Marathon. Or maybe you’re just curious about why anyone would subject themselves to 13.1 miles of relentless pavement pounding.

There are many reasons to participate in this half marathon, and today, I will break them down for you. Let’s get started!

The Event Offers More Than Just a Half Marathon

First things first: this isn’t just any race. The Long Beach Marathon event offers something for everyone.  We’re talking a full marathon, a half marathon, a 5K run/walk, a bike tour, and even a kids’ run. It’s like Disneyland for people who like running.

  • Marathon: 26.2 miles of pure endurance.
  • Half Marathon: A modest 13.1 miles.
  • Bike Tour: 20 miles of cycling joy.
  • Aquarium of the Pacific 5K: Run, walk, or stumble through a 5K.
  • Kids Run: Let the little ones have a go.

You can even mix and match events if you feel like you’re ready and up for it. Combo events are a thing here, so go wild.

The Scenic Route

Long Beach Half Marathon highlights

The Long Beach Marathon isn’t just about running. It’s about running past some pretty cool locations. The route includes landmarks like the iconic Queen Mary and Shoreline Village.

You also get to enjoy views of the Pacific Ocean along a flat beach path. Imagine running with the ocean breeze in your face. Just try not to think about the miles ahead.

Perfect Weather

Long Beach in early October usually means perfect Southern California weather. Historical data shows temperatures ranging from 77°F to 94°F over the past five years.

Yes, that’s a bit of a range. You might get a perfect day, or you might feel like you’re running on the surface of the sun. Fingers crossed for the former.

Enthusiastic Spectators

Running by the Pacific Ocean

Another highlight? The spectators. They’re enthusiastic, or at least as enthusiastic as Californians get about watching other people exercise. The energy is palpable, and their cheers might just carry you through the toughest miles.


This event doesn’t just have any sponsors, there are some huge names, such as Philips Sonicare, the presenting sponsor.  Other names include Aquarium of the Pacific, Michelob Ultra, and TruMoo.

Registration and Participation

If you’re now convinced this is for you, good news: registration for the 2024 races is already open. Head online to the active endurance event registration system and lock in your spot.

You can also get involved as a partner or volunteer if running isn’t your thing but you still want to be part of the race.

The Course

Long Beach marathon features

The course is touted as fast and flat. So, if you’re aiming to set a personal record or just want an “easier” marathon experience, Long Beach is a good bet. But let’s be real, 13.1 miles is never really easy.

Not Everything Is Perfect, Though

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The event has some logistical issues, especially with the corral start. Being crammed into tight spaces with hundreds of other sweaty runners is something you might expect. The 2023 marathon saw some overcrowding, so brace yourself.


One thing runners consistently rave about is the swag. Participants get a variety of goodies, which generally receive positive feedback. T-shirts, medals, and other knick-knacks that make the pain worth it.

The SoCal Vibe

Popular Long Beach race

The Long Beach Marathon has a strong local following and embodies that laid-back SoCal vibe. The organization is solid, the atmosphere is friendly, and it’s just a good time. Plus, the views and weather (most of the time) make it a unique experience.

Should You Run It?

So, should you run the Long Beach Half Marathon? If you’re into scenic routes, enthusiastic spectators, and the chance of perfect weather, then yes.  If you can handle a bit of overcrowding and logistical hiccups, even better. You should also consider Columbus Marathon in Ohio.

Plus, the swag and the SoCal vibe make it an event worth considering. Register now and see what all the fuss is about. Or don’t. But you might regret it when you see everyone else having the time of their lives.